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Assessment of legal validity

Whether or not you are entitled to receive compensation depends on the European regulations. These regulations contain the criteria to determine what your rights are. Important regulations and judgments include:

  • Regulation (EC) no. 261/2004;
  • Regulation (EC) no. 889/2002 Montreal;
  • Sturgeon case;
  • Wallentin-Hermann case;

Based on these criteria, we are able to determine whether the airline can rightfully invoke force majeure, or extraordinary circumstances. Aside from these regulations, judges and national enforcement bodies also issue judgments that may be relevant to the validity of your claim.

Accurate flight data

Every day, we collect data for millions of flights, which we then use for the assessment of your claim. For instance: was your flight operated by an alternative, non-European airline? This type of information is crucial to the validity of your claim. Once we have checked the flight data, we assess your claim against the regulations and case law. This is how we start building your dossier and how we make sure we are able to present a strong case to the airline.

Assessment of weather data

Weather data can also be of great influence on the validity of your claim. We collect historical weather data from all airports and flight routes, which means we can rule out extraordinary circumstances due to adverse weather.

Composing of letters

We compose letters based on the information we have about your flight. This information includes that about relevant laws and judgments. It is generally necessary to correspond with the airline and national enforcement body more than once. In these letters, we gradually increase pressure on the airline. If necessary we confront the airline with our evidence.

Support when you need it

Our team is here every day to answer your questions and make sure your claim is successful. If you have a question or if you require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us by email: Questions relating to claims that have already been submitted can be sent by email or through the login account. Our team will make sure your question is answered as quickly as possible and will initiate further action for your claim if need be.

More than one passenger

Every passenger that travelled under the same booking can be included on your claim. As long as these passengers sign for authorisation, you can submit the claim for your entire travel group. Please note that infants under the age of 2 do not qualify for compensation.

Expert legal team

Most claims aren't paid out right away. If that is the case with your claim, we have an experienced legal team that can assist you. They can determine the best course of action based on court judgments and decisions made by national enforcement bodies.

Legal process fully included

If the airline continues to refuse a payout despite our legal department's findings and letters it may be necessary for us to initiate legal action. We will only take this formal step if we believe the case to be strong enough. When we do take a claim to court, this leads to a payout to the passengers in 98% of the cases. But regardless of the outcome, we cover the costs.

No win, no fee

There are no costs associated with filing your claim. We merely charge a success fee once the airline has paid out your compensation: no win no fee. Therefore, you bear no risk.

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